2018 Plans

Happy New Year, everyone! I took a much-needed break from the blog and YouTube between Christmas and now, and I’ve been concocting lots of ideas for what I want to get done in 2018, so I’m feeling suitably inspired!


I won’t be holding myself to any resolutions because I’ll only end up getting stressed and making myself ill, but seeing as my 2017 Plans and Goals went pretty well, I thought I’d write a few down.

First of all, what would a 2018 plans post be without getting together my make nine?! I don’t have any specific patterns nailed down for a few of these, but I do have know what I’m going for – if you happen to have any pattern suggestions for them, I’d really appreciate hearing them!

The Patterns:

Instead of adding photos, I’ve hyperlinked the patterns in case you want to check them out:

  1. The Rowan Bodysuit – Megan Nielsen
  2. Kwik  Sew K3897 dungarees (I think I might go a little bit out there and make some in pink needlecord)
  3. Sew Over It Erin Skirt (basically a button-down miniskirt)
  4. A long button down skirt – not sure of the pattern yet, I might just hack a full circle skirt
  5. Sabrina Dress – By Hand London
  6. Butterick B6178 – coulottes
  7. Burda 6874 – A men’s shirt! In last year’s make nine I wanted to make a shirt for my boyfriend Will, but so many things kept going wrong that I ended up abandoning it. This one is a much more relaxed fit than the pattern that I was using last time, so should be much easier to tailor to him!
  8. Vogue V8759 – This is the shirt that I was trying to do for Will. I’ve already made one for my dad successfully (yay), but this year it’s his 50th so I want to make him another one!
  9. At least one vintage pattern. I haven’t decided on which one yet, but I need to conquer my fears! I have loads of gorgeous vintage patterns in my stash, but since a total fitting disaster with a vintage pattern for shorts, I’ve been put off. 2018 will be my year!


The Resolutions

These are more goals than resolutions – but seeing as I’m not actually entirely sure of the difference between a goal and a resolution, they might be both. Like I said, I won’t be sticking these up on my wall and looking at them every day until I can check them off, but more leave them here and check back at the end of the year to see if I managed any of them.

Sew with more jersey – ah, jersey. I’ve made two things out of jersey in my time, but they quickly ended up stretching themselves out and becoming generally unwearable. This year, I want to invest time into learning how to sew it properly; after all, there are so many gorgeous jersey patterns that I’ve been itching to use, let alone how much  having something slightly more form-fitting is comforting for my joints. I’m determined to get this one done – I have the Rowan bodysuit on my make nine as the ultimate jersey goal and have bought a couple of cheaper, sturdy knits to have a go with.

Start my second blog/ business – I announced in this video on my YouTube channel that I’m going to be starting my new blog/business in 2018. While I’m pretty tentative about calling it a business, I do suppose that that’s the best word for it really! It’s going to be all about looking after your clothes and making them last longer, and I have loads and loads of ideas on what to do for it. I’ll be starting up an online shop in conjuction with it too, selling workbooks, printables and a few physical things so that you can care for both your handmade and ready to wear clothes as easily as possible. If you fancy a little more information about it, please do watch that video! Don’t worry though, Hobbling Handmades will be staying right where it is, and I’ll be as active as ever.


Keep count of the things that I’ve made – this one’s pretty self explanatory really! I’d really like to keep a tally in my planner of what I’ve been making, so that at the end of the year I can see an actual number and be a little bit shocked about how many hours I’ve spent at my sewing machine!

Continue to speak about disabilities – I find this a little bit hard, because no one really wants to talk about how they feel when they’re at their lowest, but it’s something that I think is important for me to do as a young person with disabilities that affect all aspects of my life. I want to let other young people with lifelong conditions know that there are ways to keep going when things are physically difficult, and how important it is to find something that they can  do that they love.

Branch out with pattern brands! – We all know that I’m more than a little bit partial to a Sew Over It pattern, just  because all of their designs are really very snazzy and right up my street. I won’t stop using their patterns by any means (I mean if you’ve found something you really love, it would be stupid to stop), but I do want to try loads more indie patterns!