Guest post: The Benefits of Hand Massage

Hello everyone! Harriet here – today we’re lucky enough to have a really snazzy guest post on hand massage by the lovely Sara. She goes through all of the benefits of hand massage, as well as the different types – we need to look after our hands as sewists, so if you’ve got a long day at your machine ahead, read on my friends! Onto Sara:

Give yourself a hand massage: types and benefits!

Whenever you are tired, and you feel worn out, the best thing that you can do is give yourself a hand massage. The best part about the hand massage is that you don’t always need a masseur to get a hand massage; you can do that yourself as well. There are a number of health benefits of hand massage; you can go for the intensity you need and apply the pressure you want. Hand massage works effectively in improving the circulation of the blood, and it will help you with the sour body muscles, will enhance the mood, heal the injuries, cure the body aches and what not?! You can target the trigger points, and it will surely provide you relief from various pains and muscles fatigue.

Types of hand massage; Swedish massage:

Swedish massage is one of the most famous hand massage types. It is all about five strokes in different styles that includes gliding, kneading, sliding, cross fiber and rhythmic tapping. It is something very relaxing and definitely worth a try. It is an ideal massage type for healing as it targets injuries, pains, stress points, helps with the stiffness, and provides ultimate relaxation.

Deep tissue massage:

This is another type of hand massage and is considered a step ahead than Swedish massage in treating injuries and chronic body aches. It is most popular among athletes. It works in a way that it releases the resistant knots, which is very helpful for the body muscles and joints. It also works best with the damaged tissues with the help of its amazing massage techniques.

Thai massage:

Thai massage is one of the oldest hand massage types. It is all influenced by the medical practice of Indian’s old Ayurvedic traditions. It is also known as a healing art. It is performed with various applications of pressure on different energy triggering points and lines. It is performed with knees, elbows, hands, and feet and there are lots of stretching movements involved. It is famous for increasing the flexibility rate of the body and it increases the blood flow as well, making the skin glow and saves ones from lots of medical issues.

Prenatal massage:

The most helpful hand massage for women in the time of their pregnancy is prenatal massage. It is a perfect way to reduce the stress level of the body, and it improves the overall wellness as well. Prenatal massage is all about the gentle strokes in a circular motion. It helps in increasing the blood flow; it reduces the swelling and works amazingly well in the regulation of the hormones. It also brings a lot other psychological benefits, for example, it enhances the mood and not to forget, it is great for the cardiovascular health of the mother to be.
These are some of the well-known types of hand massages, and now you know why they are so famous and the multiple benefits that they bring. For regular massage, you can purchase a nice massage chair. It will serve you well. I hope this article helps. Have a great day!

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