TCC – The Moodboard

The hour is here. And that hour. Is moodboard hour.

It does appear, however, that there’s a little section before the moodboard where you need to do a little bit of consolidation, just so that you don’t run riot with your scissors and glue, sticking down pictures of everything because you’re just so excited.

But don’t fret my friends, I’ll only go over what I wrote for that bit very briefly!

I spent a very long time thinking about what the overall feel of my style was, and this is what I came up with:

Eclectic with a vintage twist, and shows creativity. At first glance my style will look haphazard, but upon closer inspection you’ll be able to see that the colours are planned and thoughtfully put together.

After that I just went through what I thought were the key pieces, colours, silhouettes and whatnot for the style, to avoid the aforementioned cutting and sticking frenzy. I knew what it was that I needed to look out for, and then the moodboarding commenced.

I will say now, it was incredibly difficult to photograph the moodboard (how many times can I say moodboard? Moodboard.) so I do apologise if there are bits that are tricky for you to see, but I’ve tried to work all the angles so you can see everything!

I’m also very sorry about how dark the images are, but hopefully you’ll be able to adjust the brightness on whatever device you’re reading this on so that you can see it properly. The full moodboard:

full moodboard

The left side (all annotated so that you know why I’ve picked it):

annotated left

The middle – I put these things in the middle because all of these images show the colours that I want for my style. The images on the sides of the page are more ones I’ve picked for their silhouettes or styling, but the centre is dedicated to colours!

annotated middle

The right side:

annotated right

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my moodboard! I really, really enjoyed making it (I don’t think mum enjoyed it so much; I had scraps of paper all over the lounge which had little bits of glue on and they stuck to your feet if you trod on them) and now it’s in my room by my mirror so that I can look at it and feel inspired. Even if you’re not following along with the rest of my Curated Closet series, I think that making a moodboard full of things that you love is a really good idea – like I said, it’s super inspiring, and you can use it to keep in mind what you want to include in your wardrobe more!

I’ll speak to you again very soon – make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel, because on Saturday I’ll be posting a video on how to make a sewing machine cover – and then after that there might be a giveaway announcement…