The Curated Closet Free Resources

Hello! Welcome to the first proper post in the Curated Closet series! Just to let you know, I’ve made the series its very own little section in my blog menu – so if you click on ‘The Curated Closet Series’ option on the home screen of the blog, you can see all of the posts in the series. Simple!

With the book being £16.99 in the UK (it’s cheaper on Amazon, so get it there, that’s where I got mine from!) I understand that not everyone will be able to jump right in to buy it straight away. So, I’ve put together this post of resources from a range of people, including Anuschka herself, for you to read through.

Most of these aren’t at all associated with TCC, (The Curated Closet – I’m a bit bored of typing it) so they won’t be directly talking about the same thing as the book, but I’ve tried to find some bits and bobs that cover some aspects:

Free Printables of Graphics from The Curated Closet – FromAnuschka’s blog! These are printables of pages directly taken from TCC, and are ones that are super handy for sticking up near your wardrobe.

Anuschka’s Blog – a wealth of resources! Her posts are divided into ‘latest posts’ ‘define your style’ ‘edit your wardrobe’ ‘fair fashion’ ‘how to shop’ ‘style & confidence’ ‘minimalism’ ’10 step wardrobe revamp’ and ‘FAQ’

The Anna Edit – Style Playlist – Anna is one of my favourite non-sewing YouTubers and this is her style playlist! She’s more into a capsule wardrobe, but here’s her suggested reading list on building a capsule wardrobe – including the Curated Closet! There’s a massive range of videos in this playlist, but the one I’d recommend most is her wardrobe organisation tips.

Un-Fancy -Free Wardrobe Planner – this is a free printable made by a style blogger on making your own capsule wardrobe!

Of course, there are absolutely loads of free resources on the matter of building a capsule wardrobe (which is a topic covered in TCC, but not the main focus), so if you aren’t really a fan of any of the things I’ve included here, do some Googling and I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding something that’s more your cup of tea!