Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress

Hello everybody!

It has felt very odd not writing two posts a week, but now that I’m uploading two videos a week on my YouTube channel, I figured that it might be a better idea to reserve the blog for just my makes and chronicles of illness posts (and anything else really, I just thought that committing to four things coming out a week would be a little overzealous, you know?)

So, this one is going to be about the Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress. I teamed up with the lovely Abi of The Crafty Pinup, and we both decided to sew the same pattern (the Vintage Shirt Dress) for the #EasterSpringDress2017 sewalong (I made an accompanying video which is up right now – if you’d like to watch it, click here), and boy was it a dream to sew! Right below are a few pictures of Abi’s dress – isn’t it beautiful?

This was only my second time working with Sew Over It instructions, but they were as dreamy as I remembered, with each step going into lots of detail about what needed to be done. There was only one little blip, and that was that one of the pattern pieces (as in the literal paper bit that tells you how many to cut of the fabric and whatnot) – the collar DSC_0322piece to be specific, didn’t mention interfacing, when really you did need it. That wasn’t a huge problem though, because once you get to the collar stage in the instructions, you’re told to attach the interfacing and all you need to do is cut it out. Simple!

Like many others that have made up the pattern, I found that the ease around my waist was a bit too generous. This meant that it was a bit straight-up-and-down on me, and something that I’m planning on altering on the pattern pieces next time, so that it’ll end up being a bit more figure hugging! To achieve the desired waistiness on this dress (which was necessary – having something straight up and down on you when you’re 4 foot 11 isn’t such a good look) I simply used some leftover fabric to make some ties! I attached these to the side seams and they just tie together at the back of the dress, which I think is quite a cute addition really. DSC_0500.JPG

The fabric I used for the pattern was also from Sew Over It (I know, I went a bit SOI crazy) but it isn’t listed on their site yet so I have no idea what kind of fabric it is. What I do know though, is that it is very drapey and a bit slippery to work with. However, utterly beautiful. It did turn out to be a bit of a bugger when I was trying to hem it though, and I finally gave in and took it to be professionally hemmed. A decision that I feel saved both me and the dress.

All in all, I’m really pleased with the finished article, and I will 100% be sewing another one! If you’d like to see Abi’s dress in more detail (and I highly recommend that you do) make sure to click the link to the Crafty Pinup at the top of this post!

I’ll leave you with some other pictures of my dress (in the rather snazzy form of a slideshow), and the assurance that it won’t be long before my next post – I have lots of near-finished garments!

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