Simplicity 1080 – Tunic top for Mum

Hello there! Seeing as my mocks (year 13… last year!) are coming up very, very soon and then after that my actual exams, I thought it might be a good idea to cut back on the blog posts and only write a post when I finish making something or have the time, rather than twice a week! I will still be doing weekly videos on my YouTube channel though, so make sure you subscribe to that! (cheeky bit of self promo). DSC_0094

One of the things I wanted to make this month was a tunic top for mum, so that was the second thing I’ve done this month (the first was also some selfless sewing, it was a pinafore that one of my friends wanted). Mum picked her fabric at the knitting and stitching show, with the pockets and ties made from a fat quarter from Higgs and Higgs.

I must say, it was a very smooth and quick sew! The pattern isn’t necessarily one that I would wear myself, but it was one that I got just so that I could make it for mum and I’m so glad I did! It really suits her and used hardly any fabric, so I’ll definitely be making her more of those in the future.

The instructions for the pattern were really clear, and every step had a diagram which was super useful (seeing as I’m more of a visual person) so that you knew what it should be looking like. The only only issue that I had with the pattern was that the view that I did, which was the shortest, tunic-length variation, wasn’t an option on the front piece?! So that was a little bit confusing! I ended up comparing the two pieces of the pattern though and just drawing the cutting line on, so it wasn’t really a problem at all in the end.

DSC_0069I used most of the fat quarter for the pattern and had a little bit left, but couldn’t get the tie pieces all cut in one, so they’ve ended up having seams on them where I’ve joined the shorter bits together – the seams are practically invisible though because it’s such a busy print! It’s just something that I need to make sure to remember for when I sew it again, and it could easily be fixed by using the self fabric for the ties rather than a contrasting piece.

There was a fair bit of bias binding because it was used around the neckline and armholes and I was able to avoid making any or going out to buy some because I found some binding in my little bias tin that was the perfect colour! I really enjoy attaching bias binding (far more than I enjoy attaching facing…) and think that it ends up looking really clean and neat. The armholes on this garment look really different to any that I’ve sewn before; I’m not entirely sure what they should technically be called, but they’re like those slit ones. We found it to be handy that they were bigger and slightly more open than armholes usually are, because of the lack of any buttons or zips – so they made the top far easier to get on without mum having to wriggle about loads to get into some tiny little armholes!

I would definitely recommend this pattern if it’s a style that you like – the DSC_0067pockets and ties are a good way to use up any scrap fabric, and the slightly floatier style means that it’s comfortable and suitable either for layering or to wear on its own in warmer weather. None of the versions have any buttons or zips either, so its a really good pattern for someone that isn’t so confident with those!

I’m really glad I was able to sew this up quickly for mum, I think it really suits her and I’d love to make her some more (if she wants them!) She also made a very good model.