My Handmade Wardrobe So Far

A note added post-writing: there has been a numbering catastrophe – you’ll see when you get there.

I did publish a video on Saturday of my entire handmade wardrobe as it is (before the release of my February makes video) at the moment, but I thought that it would be handy to write a post as well, so that I can look back in the future and see how many more things I’ve finished (hopefully – I have a tendency to leave things with unfinished seams).

I’ve tried my best to get these in chronological order, so here we go:

  1. The Daisy Dress – This is the one that I sewed entirely by hand and… I’ve still not finished the hem (surprise surprise) I haven’t worn it since this mini photo session, but I definitely will do when it gets a lil bit warmer.
  2. My self-drafted skirt – This was the second thing I ever sewed, but I seemed to decide that I was such a pro that I could make my own skirt from scratch, totally ignoring the fact that you could easily buy a skirt pattern. It’s a little bit short if I’m honest, but I think that I might add some lace of the same colour to make it both extra snazzy and more of a comfortable length for me, but overall I’m pretty pleased.
  3. My diamond jumper – This was the first garment that I knit, and I was pleased with the yarn and the pattern that I chose, but my mattress stitching skills weren’t what they are now, so I’ve never actually worn it out of the house, but it’ll live happily ever after on my shelf.
  4. My spools of thread skirt – This was what started my love for the Hollyburn Skirt (pockets yay) and I LOVE the fabric – a Hobbycraft find, and a great one. The pockets are as busy a print as the rest of the skirt, but I just love it, and I know it’ll be whipped out a lot when the weather gets warmer! This was my second encounter with interfacing, so naturally it went a lot worse than the first (I was probably a bit over-confident) so I have a little bit of a flimsy waistband. It adds to the charn, right?
  5. My dinosaur Rosa shirt – I know I jabber on about the Rosa Shirt and Shirt Dress online workshop, but I can’t not mention it now. My love for dinosaurs made it necessary to purchase some of this Laura Ashley fabric (it’s okay because it was half price at the time) so I was nervous about cutting into it. I’m glad I was because it turns out I should’ve been – most of the dinos ended up headless, but I love it anyway. And I wear it despite the inevitable embarrassment that it brings to the people that have gone out with me that day.


My black and white skirt – Hollyburn number two. This was a duvet cover, and I unintentionally pattern matched. That is all that needs to be said about this one.It also has glittery topstitching on the pockets.

I made a Fleesensee hat for someone else, and then I decided that I loved it and needed one myself, so I got some really rad hand-dyed yarn and used that. I was concerned about how much yarn I’d have left, so I missed out a lot  of the rounds of ribbing, so it’s a little bit short on my head, so I need to add some in with a bit of grey to match the pompom.

Then comes the Christmas present making. These aren’t things for me, but I was pretty pleased with them anyway, so I’ll put them in a little list here:

  • Sew Over It ultimate pjs for the boyf
  • A stag print Vogue shirt for my dad
  • A merino wool cowl for my mum
  • The azel pullover for my little half sister

The Megan dress by Tilly and the Buttons – another duvet cover!  If you’d like to read more about this dress, I recently wrote the blog post about it, which is here–> The Megan Dress and Review. In fact, all of the things that I’ve written about here also have their own posts, so feel free to have a look on the ‘my makes’ tab in the menu to find them!

My charity dinner Francoise dress – also has its own blog post that I wrote recently!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read, and I’ll speak to you again on Thursday! (A post that won’t be late.)