DIY Bead Ideas

This one’s about 24 hours late, and I’ve felt uneasy all day because it just doesn’t feel normal putting up a post after it’s meant to be written! This is evidence of why I should plan ahead – most of the time I do, and most of the time I’ve even got a blog post all written and ready to go, but I guess I just dropped the ball. Oh well.

Today’s going to be about beads. About 12 years ago, we lived in Hong Kong, and made the odd trip to the bead market. As you can imagine, the place was full  of beads – literally heaven for a jewellery maker or small child (which I was at the time). So, we stocked up. When we moved back to the UK, the beads came with us, but ended up in a big box in the shed – until a couple of weeks ago. I had a mega mega sort out and totally took over the lounge for the venture, but after about 9 days, I finished. I got rid of at least 1000 beads I reckon, but I probably kept that many too. Now that the bead collection lives in my room, I thought I should do a post of some of the ways that you can use beads. So, here we go, get get ready for beads-in-my-hand pics!

Little beads: These little teeny beads are really good to use in embroidery because they slip through the needle, so I find they’re really good to incorporate into customisation projects. I’ll go through each of the pictures below in a bit more detail in a second, but before I do, let me just tell you that only the images of beads in a hand are mine, the rest are from Pinterest and the rightful owners can be found on there through the link that I’ve put  –> here

Here are a couple of ideas on project that you can do with small beads:

  • Gather about 20 – 30 safety pins and thread loads of little beads onto each one. Then, thread some bracelet making thread through the holes at the end, and there you have a new statement bracelet!
Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet | DIY Beaded Bracelets You Bead Crafts Lovers Should Be Making:
This image is not my own – Please visit my Pinterest (linked above) for the source 🙂
  • Go around the hem of a garment, or a garment pocket – you could also do this on a blanket with bigger, more interesting beads to make an interesting baby blanket – just make sure they’re sewn on very securely!
  • Use letter beads to thread onto ribbon for wrapping a present
  • Make a bead wind chime by threading them onto some thick cotton and attaching a bell to the end – then tie onto a twig
  • Use beads (or buttons) to decorate a card – I’m sure we’ve all done that before!
  • For a fancy-looking project, you could find some bendy wire to spray paint, and then bead up a cool shape!

Here are some ideas of beads that you can use for these projects (I’ve made the images into a slideshow):

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Some ideas for bigger beads:

  • Super big beads like the ones on the left: ones like this would make cool necklaces, or you could use them to decorate a blanket, or as a cute pocket detail on a garment. For necklaces, a good place for some statement inspiration is
  • The top right flower bead would make a very cute necklace, or (if you’re feeling bold and are a fan of dangly earrings) you could even try to make a pair of earrings!
  • The little flower bead on the bottom right: this one is more of what you might call a mid-size bead. I’ve found that circular middle-sized beads also make a very interesting detail if you add them to the hem of a dress or a patch pocket – just keep in mind that heavier ones might stretch the fabric a little!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this really quite short post about beady ideas – I’m going to post links to Hobbycraft and Minerva Crafts below so that you can have a little look at their bead sections!