The Azel Pullover and Review

Woohoo! My second finished object of the year knitting wise – this is The Azel Pullover by Heidi May,

The Azel Pullover – image from Heidi May on Ravelry.

and it was one that I made for my little sister. The pattern is knit in super bulky yarn, so whizzes off the needles in a flash! There’s a massive range of sizes available to knit, from age two to an adult’s extra large – I have a sneaking suspicion  think my stepmum might end up requesting one so that her and Martha can match.


This was my first time knitting buttonholes, so I was a little wary – but  I had no reason to be; the instructions were so  clear and I don’t think I had to tink it back even once! The finished garment looks really good (even if I do say so myself), with the bonus of being one that a beginner could knit quite easily – I think it would make a really good present! This is a paid for pattern (around £5.60/ $6.60 USD), but is one that would definitely be worth it, particularly given the range of sizes available.

I used Rico ‘creative bonbon’ super chunky yarn in the colourway  Grey/02 (which is a light grey with some naturally white undyed sections). It was a bit pricey compared to what I usually buy, (I won’t lie, I usually buy acrylic – I can’t afford anything with a high wool content!) but the quality was incredible.

I knew that I wanted it to be really soft because it has a cowl neck, and she’s quite fussy about things being a bit scratchy! The yarn is 53% wool and 47% acrylic, and very squidgeable. However, it is slightly fuzzy and has a bit of a halo, which does affect the stitch definition a little – though I’m not complaining at all – given how soft it is it’s bound to have some fuzz. With it being more loosely spun than I’m personally used to, I found that some parts of the yarn were thinner than others, making a few stitches slightly gappy. This isn’t a problem at all though, Martha finds it very entertaining sticking her fingers through the stitches!

Martha was very excited about being allowed to choose her own buttons (from a few carefully selected and pre-approved options) and decided on some cute little black flowers.I did have some trouble with the buttons after I’d sewn everything together in that it’s a bit tricky to see where the buttonholes actually are – but that’s probably because of my lack of experience in knitting the holes.

Below are some photos of her in the completed pullover – she was adamant that she wanted to style it herself with a dress underneath despite my stepmum telling her it might look better with some leggings. As long as Martha’s happy with it, I have no problem.


Sorry about the photos being a bit dark, it was a bit of a rainy day! I’m shopping around for some studio lights though…