The Funkiest Fabric Around

As you’ll be able to see, I have managed to complete one of my New Years resolutions from my last post – getting my own domain name! A few lovely people have followed me already, and are most likely quite confused as to how I’m getting so many posts out after only being here for two days. Well, my friends, that is me literally copying and pasting my posts over from Blogger because I didn’t know how to do it otherwise. Thank you for dealing with it, you are very kind. This is the initial setup of the site, and I’ll hopefully be able to figure it out a bit more as time goes on – customising the background and snazzy things like that. Now, onto the actual content of this post!

The lovely ladies that my mum works with have organised a charity dinner in aid of Ehlers Danlos Support UK, the charity of the condition that I have. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t actually think they’ve done a charity dinner before, they’ve just decided to have one this year in order to support EDS UK as a result of mum mentioning me and my questionable health. I found this quite overwhelming, and even more so when it was suggested that I do a speech. You know what that means. A funky new outfit.

I went on the hunt for some funky fabric for this funky outfit and I found what I consider to be something more than funky – something snazzy. Neither I nor the ladies at the fabric shop are entirely sure as to what kind of fabric this is, just that it has some kind of plastic content (this suspicion was confirmed when I accidentally melted a bit with the iron). I’ll leave you in suspense no longer; behold the snazzy fabric:

That’s right. It’s duochrome. As the fabric moves in the light, the colour changes, like those nail varnishes or cars that are purple in some lights and green in others (If I’m not mistaken, it’s done by having different colours for the warp and weft threads?) It’s a relatively drapey fabric, but it’s medium weight makes it perfect for one of my #2017makenine patterns! Enter, Francoise, by Tilly and the Buttons.


I’m making the one on the right – the collarless and sleeveless version. I cut out the  pieces on New Year’s Eve… and then got it stuck in my head that I was going to wear it to my Dad’s for his party (people reading who haven’t met my dad will think that’s quite sad, but those who have will realise that he throws a very good party). Of course, this was not doable, considering we had family coming over for lunch, which meant that I lost about two hours of sewing. Nevertheless, I got the idea stuck in my stubborn little head.

Cutting a long story short, no, I didn’t finish the gown in time for the ball, but you can’t say I didn’t try – I got all the way to sewing in the zip! Tilly’s instructions, as always were incredible, and the only reason I got as far as I did! It was the first time I’ve used bias binding, which I found quite tricky (despite the instructions, probably because I was rushing)  but figured out in the end. I’ll post the finished dress after the dinner, just so I can tell you how that went as well!

I’ll leave you with a picture of these very cute buttons (fromEast of India at John Lewis, unfortunately out of stock for the moment!) which I’m going to sew onto the dress for decoration once I’m finished. Hope you liked the first official post on my new site!