2017 Sewing and Knitting Aims

I thought this would be a sensible idea – to make aims about something specific rather than my life in general. Last year I thought the resolution to ‘go running more often’ was a good one, despite literally being sat in my wheelchair when I made it. Clearly, I can’t manage my life as a whole so I’ll make some crafty goals instead (and throw a few ideas out at you as well because I need your opinions).

1) #2017makenine

This Instagram hashtag is the brilliant idea of @rochelle_new’s, and it’s one that I’m very glad exists! The idea was to pick nine patterns that you definitely want to make in 2017 (it’s 2017!!) – I did mine over on Instagram with a little description for each one; so rather than type it all out again, if you do want to see what I’ll definitely be making this year, I’ll link my Instagram post here. I’ve also done a knitting version of the tag, but for some reason wordpress isn’t letting me insert the image, so I’ll link my Instagram post here for that as well!

The pattern in the middle of the top row is the same one that I used for Dad’s stag shirt (see last post for that), but I got my lovely boyfriend some fabric for Christmas (If you like football, check out his YouTube channel) and I actually got asked by one of my Dad’s friends to make him a shirt exactly the same as my Dad! So I think that one will be on the way too…

2) Get my own domain name for the blog

I’m not sure exactly when I’ll do this, but because I’m including it in the post I’ll have to make sure to – you’ll be able to hear the end of my complaining about putting the writing around the pictures! I think when I do start it up though, it’ll take me a while to figure it out so I’ll probably carry on with Blogger until I feel like I know my way around it just well enough to be doing posts from there (which would be very exciting). (As you can see if you’re reading this on hobblinghandmades.com – I’ve done this now! Yipee! I’ve spent the past couple of days swapping my posts over from blogspot which is why they’ve all been  coming across so quickly – normally I only post once or twice a week!)

3) Consistently upload blog posts – I even have a planner! 

So far it’s definitely going to be every Monday, with the odd additional one throughout the week if I’m just too excited to wait until the next one!

4) Learn more about fabrics and their properties

5) Use my stash!

6) Have a monthly post or guest post about chronic illness

This is something that I thought would be good to do to help people understand more about chronic illness, and I’d been thinking about doing it for a while, but it was the response to my ‘Something A Little More Personal’ post that really made this decision for me! I think I’ll be doing these posts the last Friday of every month – I have this month’s one all lined up already! I’d like to think as well that these posts would also help anyone who is ill; it might even persuade them to take up a craft, who knows?

This is getting quite long so I think I’ll be signing off now…

Ultimately, sewing and knitting are things that I want to be relaxing – so I won’t be pressuring myself into any of these and while I’ll aim to do all of them, it’s no big deal if I can’t; make sure you keep that in mind if you have any New Years resolutions as well!