Too Many WIPs

I bought more yarn. The day after my last post. It wasn’t even one skein, it was a whole sweater load.

I took this arty-looking photo this week and I thought I’d put it in even though it isn’t really that relevant

Sometimes though, buying five balls of black tweed yarn is just what you need. When you have a pattern in mind (despite it being one that you bought earlier the same day) and you see some yarn that would be PERFECT, even the protestations of your bank account can’t stop you. It turns out that buying all of that was a good plan, because over the past few days my pain has left me bed-bound. So, even though I have socks, a dress and another sweater in progress (all of which I’ll come to later) I felt it necessary to cast on a sweater that I can wear to school when I go back in September. Whether it’ll be done by then, however, I doubt. But you can always hope.

Through the days I’ve spent in bed this week, one consisted of me starting (and finishing within 24 hours) Stranger Things. This whole day I was torn between looking at the screen and looking at my needles. After a couple of episodes and MANY dropped stitches, I completely gave up on my sweater (and later used it to dry my tears once I’d finished the series) and, to be honest, haven’t really knitted on it since – my hope of it being finished for September may not be all that realistic.

My socks have progressed a little, I’m at the point where I should be starting the heel, but the idea of turning and purling on the same row doesn’t make an awful lot of sense to me, so they’re languishing until I can hunt down a sock expert to give me guidance. Last post my sock was a tube, this post it is a slightly longer tube. (below is s photo of the shorter tube).

My dress has been the main thing that I’ve been working on recently, because I was desperately trying to finish it so that I could write about it in today’s blog post! But alas, no. I won’t write or post any photos of it so that I can write about it on Friday (when I’m hoping it’ll be done).

My second sweater unfortunately must stay a secret because it’s a birthday present for someone, and just in case they read the blog I don’t want to ruin the surprise 😦

In other yarn related news, my first skein of hand-dyed yarn arrived! I purchased it from Bluebell Forest Yarns on Etsy in the colourway Mocha Latte. It is beautiful , and I’ll hopefully be able to post a finished object soon that I’ve used it for! Now to go hunting for the perfect pattern…