The Jumper With No Name

It started out being the Stranger Things Jumper (due to it being knit through the entirety of my time watching the series), then became known as my NCH jumper – the university that was at the top of my list and made all others I had viewed pale in comparison. I was planning on wearing it to the interview with the admissions officer.

However, it’s now the jumper with no name after I received a phone call from NCH saying that my application could go no further and they would have to reject me on the basis that they could not accommodate for my disability. Needless to say, I was really quite disheartened; I was rejected because of my physical disability with no commendation or consideration to my mental ability. I have studied hard in the subject that I had applied for, taking part in extra-curricular activities pertaining to it and even set up and started a philosophy club for the younger years at school.

I haven’t really been met with something that I can’t overcome yet, so this was something new. My reaction might be one that some people would consider over the top, but I think it’ll ultimately be the right decision – completely changing what I want to study at university.

There is no denying that I love philosophy and it’s my favourite subject that I study at the moment, but this year I’ve learnt to sew and knitted my first garment (the nameless sweater) and now, all I really want to do is make clothes. So far none of them have been perfect, but I’m very pleased with myself considering I’m entirely self taught. So now dawns the age of studying (or hoping to study, I don’t know how far I’ll get but I’ll try) fashion and textiles.

Fair to say, I’ve changed my mind halfway through the application process time anyway, but better late than never.

This was meant to be a post about my jumper but it clearly went in another direction and who am I to try and change that?? My next post will stay on track and will DEFINITELY be about my jumper (which is currently blocking).

I don’t yet have any good photos of my jumper, so here are some of my cats: