Rosa Shirt and Workshop

I’ve sewn my first (successful) shirt – yaaaay!! All thanks to the Tilly and the Buttons Sew your Own Shirt or Shirt Dress (hyperlinked) online class. The workshop was even more clearly explained than the pattern instructions, which we all know have a reputation for being fabulous,

The modules had videos and written instructions, which made it easy to understand exactly what to do. This was my first shirt and it made a real difference having a video to follow and to be able to re-watch the parts that I found tricky. Tilly’s explanations were very clear and made it a simple pattern to follow for a shirt novice – especially with the collar, which I was a little apprehensive about, but no unpicking was needed!

Pattern matching (as you’ll see from the photos) did NOT go well, it was my first ever attempt – I probably would’ve done a bit better if I’d read/ watched a bit more about how to do it, I was just too excited so I jumped right in! As a result though, I’ve ended up with a lot of headless dinosaurs.

The pattern of the Rosa shirt was lovely to work with, I was a bit worried about whether I’d be able to pick the right size because of how fitted the shirt is meant to be, but of course the workshop answered that with a whole module on making sure you got the right size! It was my first time sewing proper princess seams as well, but I found that as long as I went slow with the machine and followed the seam allowance it was totally fine.

It was my first time sewing a collar and a button placket, and both were really, really simple with the videos, and they both turned out really well (even if I do say so myself) even though I put the buttonholes and the buttons on the sides opposite to those which they’re generally meant to be (there was a little mistake I wanted to cover and that was the perfect way to do it!)

The collar as well was so, so simple with the video – I watched it about 5 times just to make extra sure I knew what I was doing, but I understood it perfectly just from the first time I watched it! It was really handy to be able to pause as I went along with the steps, just to make sure I got it right.

You can probably tell how much I loved this pattern and the workshop, and I can definitely say that I’ll be referring to it again in future – money very well spent in my opinion! I would recommend it to any sewist, whether this is your first or fifteenth shirt, I think it would be really worthwhile for everyone 🙂

Here are my photos – the fabric (which comes with all dinosaurs having heads) is from Laura Ashley. I got it in a half price sale, so for £10 a metre – bargain!