Just Blouse-ing

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been attempting (attempting definitely being the operative word) to sew my first blouse – my first sleeve, collar and button-sewing experience with no one around that knows how to sew to help, so I think I may have been a little over ambitious for the third thing I’ve ever sewn.

I’ve been using the light blue/grey floralish cotton that I got from hobbycraft which I’m very happy I did, because it’s my least expensive and favourite of the lovely fabrics that I own, so it’s a little easier to forgive myself when it goes wrong. And it definitely has.

I won’t say it’s a complete disaster, because it does resemble a shirt, and I think I probably didn’t make my first ever shirt sewing experience easier by picking a shirt with a collar that I don’t even know the name of (I’ll put a photo in – please do enlighten me if you know what it’s called). I made the (sensible) decision to cut the fabric one size bigger than I would usually wear, so to leave room for error, which I definitely needed!