Double-Pointed Nightmares

This morning I have cast on my first ever pair of socks. (technically second because I have tried them once on circular needles but what resulted

a1aa1-img_12482b2528edited2529was most definitely not a sock). It’s the first time I’ve used DPNs for anything other than an i-cord, so it’s fair to say that I am not the most graceful with them, with one of my needles always insisting upon pinging about while I’m knitting – I’ve decided to wear my glasses today for the sole purpose of protecting my eyes from this rogue needle.

I’m doing my socks cuff down, and they’re going to consist ENTIRELY of stocking stitch because I’ve found that ribbing on DPNs is not something I can get my head around on my first attempt. I won’t lie, knowing that the heel is fast approaching is making me a bit concerned because my pattern is telling me that I need to turn and purl on the same needle. If there isn’t a plethora of YouTube tutorials on heels for DPNs I think I’ll just end up with a tube – no toe, no heel. For the moment though, I’m quite enjoying my ‘sock’ (I put it in quotes because it’s currently a tube about a centimetre long) because I’ve managed to avoid the ‘gap’ between stitches on my three needles, something that I wasn’t really expecting on my first try.

In other news, my attempt to control my yarn buying by putting myself on a points scheme (stolen from Katie of ‘Inside Number 23’ – each project you finish is worth a certain number of points, and after 10 points you’re allowed to buy a ball of yarn or some fabric) has been totally ignored. I have yet to earn my first ten points and the other day I bought two 400g balls of aran weight wool for a jumper I want to cast on (which I can’t post a photo of because the jumper will be a present for someone that I know reads my blog), and my first ever skein of hand-dyed yarn, which is yet to arrive but I am VERY excited about. My excuse was that it was the only logical way to deal with the pit of anxiety that I felt as results day approached.

I would say that I definitely won’t buy any yarn before my next post on here, but on Sunday I’m going to Hobbycraft and realistically I don’t think I’ll be able to hold back. I’ll let you know Tuesday.