Balancing Act

Since we’ve gone back to school, I’ve had a great amount of difficulty in persuading myself to put down my needles, or turn off the sewing machine and actually get on with work.

I’m reasonably okay at getting in from school and getting on with homework straight after dinner (I have a little rest first), but now that I’m at A2 (year 13), I feel like I should do something on top of this homework – particularly with how low my attendance is. I know I need to catch up and I know I need to revise as I go for the best chance of getting a good grade and going to the uni that I want in September next year. But its just so  hard to put that into practice when you have all the lovely patterns and all the lovely yarn and fabric that you want to cast on.

This season being uni visit season, I’ve been perusing my choices and found one that I Really (with a capital R) want to go to – New College of the Humanities in London. So much do I like it that I’ve cast on a sweater that I want to finish in time to wear for the interview. But surely surely surely, instead of making pretty sweaters to wear I should be buckling down with revising? After all, they do accept you based on grades (which is a shame).

As a way of controlling my constant compulsion to knit, I need to come up with a system that isn’t to lenient and isn’t too strict. I’ll probably think that anything I end up with will be too strict – maybe 40 minutes of revision and then 20 minutes of rest?

Either way, I don’t think it’s time to worry about properly starting revision yet, it is only September. I’ll cherish the uncontrolled knitting and sewing for a little while longer.


The other things I’m working on at the moment are:

My first ever jumper (which is nearly finished) – knitting

A hat which is really quite complicated, but it’s teaching me a lot of new things – knitting

At the moment I’m washing my dinosaur fabric which I’m going to use for a blouse – I need to go button shopping!