An Awfully Snazzy Jumper

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post (I have been VERY busy at school), but trust me a lot of making has been done so a LOT of blog posts are going to be published in the coming weeks – I have a lot to catch up on!

So this jumper. I first mentioned it in the post I wrote almost two months ago – when it was called my Stranger Things sweater, then the NCH jumper (we don’t talk about NCH anymore). Then there was the ‘jumper with no name post’, when it was blocking but wasn’t really mentioned, I must’ve been very distracted that day.

Now the jumper is blocked finished and has been very thoroughly photographed – there’ll be a lot of them in this post!

The pattern I worked with, King Cole 4404, to use for the diamond pattern was very simple to follow and it was mighty satisfying seeing the diamonds coming along. I stopped following the diamond pattern when it came to the decreases for the neck and the sleeves, and for the front I did a stockinette stitch but with the wrong side at the front (hard to explain but you’ll see in the photos) to give it a simple but effective texture. For the back I ignored the diamond pattern again when it came to the decreases, but chose to do a moss stitch panel so that the back would look interesting, and so that I could actually tell the front from the back. When it came to the neckband, I chose to do it in a yarn that matched the purple flecks, which, while I was knitting I decided were my favourite, so I thought it would be nice to accentuate them a bit.

That description was probably quite hard to follow, but hopefully you’ll be able to see what I mean when you look at these photos:

Just before you get to them remember my usual advice of ignoring my general appearance in the photos, also please do ignore the rest of my outfit (it was a rest day at home).

You can see the entire front of the jumper in photo two, you can sort of see the wrong side of the stockinette stitch at the top! While I did really really like the pattern, I was sort of disappointed with the stitch definition when it came to the diamonds, I think it was just the yarn that I chose – next time I might invest in a slightly more expensive yarn with a higher wool content which should hopefully bump up the visibility of the diamonds! At least the moss stitch came out really well, and even though you can’t really see the diamonds, I think the flecks of the tweed yarn that I used gave a really nice texture anyway.