A (Not Very Quick) Hello

Originally published: 25/08/2016

After starting to watch the knitting podcast by Katie of ‘Inside Number 23’ on YouTube, I felt creating a blog simply to talk about my adoration for her was necessary. I found her about two days ago now, and I’ve committed myself to watching every single video that she has posted, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. She would’ve inspired me to start a YouTube channel (which I would have done if it weren’t for my hatred of the sound of my voice in a video) but instead I figured it would be far easier to come over onto my very own blog.

I do have a reason for being called Hobbling Handmades as I do, in fact, hobble the majority of the time. I have a chronic illness called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is really not all that pleasant. It’s a genetic affliction (thanks to whoever passed it on) which affects collagen, meaning I have incredibly lax connective tissues – skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood vessels and organs (gross). This means that I face innumerable dislocations and subluxations throughout the day, even when doing something which many people don’t even think about – lifting up a bag, getting into bed, getting dressed. Now of course, this is INCREDIBLY impractical, a lot of the time resulting in me using crutches, a wheelchair (his name is Wheeliam) or simply having to stay in bed all day. Being an invisible disability, meaning it cannot physically be seen as it would be if I had, for example, had a leg amputated, it is a very difficult thing to explain to someone and I usually get the response of ‘but you don’t look disabled’, ‘but you’re not properly disabled’ or something similar. This is, as you can probably assume, very frustrating for a girl of 17 who continually has to cancel plans with friends due to high pain or fatigue levels, and has very little spare time because of a great many hospital appointments. It is also really rather a dangerous thing for that person to say, as sometimes I get an overwhelming desire to hit them with one of my crutches if I’ve been having a bad day.

While this might make you feel sorry for me, it really shouldn’t. I have an incredible support system in my lovely mum and dad, as well as my FOUR siblings (mum, dad, brothers and sisters all have collagen which is perfectly fine), my really very very great boyfriend and very kind friends. During the many sleepless nights when they aren’t around though, knitting has been my saviour.

I only learnt to knit around this time last year, but it’s fair to say that yarn and I have a relationship that feels as though it’s been going on decades. On days where I wish I could detach from my body due to pain, there’s always been a new pattern that I can cast onto my needles and concentrate on for hours. The repetition of knit, purl, knit, purl is enough on days when I’m completely exhausted to take up every ounce of my concentration, and on days when the pain gets particularly hard to ignore, I can try something funky like cabling.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m meant to finish off a blog post, as you know this is my first. It feels quite abrupt but I’m really quite desperate for a wee so I better go, but I hope you come back soon for post #2!